The District of Columbia Condominium Act has been amended to require new notices and information be provided to condominium purchasers and unit owners.

When a condominium advises an owner of its intention to take legal action to collect any past due amount owed by the unit owner, the owner must be provided with a statement of account showing the total amount past due, including a breakdown of the categories of amounts claimed to be due

and the dates those amounts accrued.

The notice of delinquent assessments must also include contact information for the condominium so the owner knows who to contact to settle the past due amount.  Additionally, the owner must be informed of resources which the owner may utilize at the District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

The new law also requires a Washington, D.C. condominium developer to provide each purchaser with the recorded condominium declaration and bylaws and information about the rights and responsibilities of condo unit owner under the Condominium Act.    Among these rights

 are the right to attend most board meetings,  the right of access to association books and records, and the right to cure a default in payment of assessments prior to foreclosure.

The Condominium Act amendments also establish a Condominium Association Advisory Council to advise the Washington, D.C. government on matters relating to condominiums in the District of Columbia.

The new law, known as the Condominium Owner Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Amendment Act of 2016, took effect April 7, 2017.